Who Are We

La’NÉ loves health and beauty. Founded through Anne Schrock’s personal dedication to natural remedies that achieve better health, La’NÉ represents a family of products synonymous with living well.

More than ever before, today’s marketing messages promise quick and easy answers, but not without a price—the compromise of your good health.Consider the fat in fast foods, the chemicals in fake tanning creams, the dangers of quick weight loss…the list is endless. 

We at La’NÉ believe in solutions that optimize your health. Thus, in our continuous journey of research and experience, we are here to share what we have learned by offering simple choices that promote the best of health and well-being.

Consequently, our answers focus on organic ingredients, effortless applications, and positive perspectives for a more enriching life and lifestyle.

In taking a personal approach to customer care, we also welcome your questions so that we can offer individual suggestions. Our desire is to help you access meaningful information with alternatives so that you can naturally integrate beneficial practices into your daily regimen.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Simplicité line of organic skincare —from Australia to your doorstep. It’s time to take care of yourself. Treat your senses and your complexion to this simply luxurious, organic collection of Spa skincare.

Under Anne’s direction, we at La’NÉ are in a privileged position of helping others understand and experience the benefits of an organic approach to healthy living.

This website is designed to be informative while encouraging self-care in a life well lived.

We both invite and encourage you to absorb all or any part of the information and insights that apply to your needs, but please do not rely upon us in lieu of professional medical advice and care.

Articles are personal reflections based upon decades of evaluations in common sense, as well as professional insights as referenced. Product information represents research and expertise of the manufacturer.