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Learn and share Anne’s secrets—organically pure skincare, herbal recipes, personal well-being and seasonal insights—for the joy and beauty of naturally good health.

“Whether you are thirsting for organic solutions that produce optimal health and beauty or simply hoping for some seasonal remedies, Anne Schrock’s captivating words of wisdom and delightful insights will often make you forget you are learning.”

Please enjoy the following sampling of Nature’s Secrets for Every Season.

JANUARY – The Month of Resolutions

At a time in the year when the body most wants rest and longs for calm and relaxation, the primary New Year Resolution is weight loss. With the body’s expectations to be nurtured and pampered in the winter months, much of the population is on a diet and fitness marathon. Weight loss (by western standards) is reported to be stressful to the body-especially, during the winter season when the natural state of tranquility is needed. The skin-already at stress, combated by the cold, wind, and artificial heat created indoors-is as apt to become dry and develop rashes as a result of a weight loss program.

May Herbs & Culinary
In My Mind, Springtime Is May

To me, springtime is May, and beautiful May always serves to bring back memories of my mother.

We always engaged in a simple and fun ritual which marked this time of year, and the memories of our little tradition have remained close to my heart-even though I don’t speak about it often. I think, in some small way, I am afraid to share our custom too readily, as if I’ll dilute the precious comfort I continue to receive from the activity and memories.

However, I was thinking that now I should share. Perhaps if you’re in need of tender comfort, you will take part in this timeless ritual, either in sharing it or in savoring it yourself. My mother called her cup of comfort “Farmhouse Tea Time”….

July Harmony, Health & Beauty
SPF15 Versus SPF30: Is More Or Less Preferable?

The marketing of “high” SPF sunscreens, along with the array of brand choices, confuses more than helps those of us who most need a reliable product. To help you make wise and healthy decisions, we offer some straightforward research.

First, you might be surprised to learn that an SPF15 that contains the added benefits of anti-ageing nutrients is better than an SPF30 with its heavy chemical content. In either, however, if you have reached the limit for your sunscreen’s protection-about 225 minutes for an SPF15 or about 234 minutes for an SPF30-your skin will start to burn whether or not you continue to reapply the product. To prevent burning, the only solution is to shelter you from the sun, a nuclear furnace, for the rest of that day. A thin layer of “sun protection” crème cannot shelter you from a nuclear furnace, which emits gigantic levels of UV energy. Nor can you escape the fact that some damage is still being inflicted upon the skin if you exceed the maximum SPF protection time indicated for one day in the sun.

September Treatment
One-Step Exfoliate

What does it mean to exfoliate the skin? Today, we find countless, dual-purpose exfoliating cleansers and scrubs on the market.

First, the exfoliating process is intended to loosen dead skin cells in order to reveal and promote the growth of healthy tissue. Second, cleansers are intended to rid the pores of oil and dirt, which lead to breakouts. An abundance of ads and product labels declare the value of exfoliating and cleansing as an all-in-one process, but consumers should beware of product ingredients as well as the methods they use.

Most exfoliates are grainy in texture, and in applying them, users tend to scrub away. People assume the scrubbing action removes dead skin and cleans out the pores because they’re simply acting according to what the labels suggest: “exfoliating scrub.” What many don’t realize, however, is that scrubbing irritates the tissue; instead of easing the rough patches away and cleansing the pores to alleviate breakouts, they are aggravating those problem areas.

So how might you avoid making a problem worse?


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