Sunflowers: Is Sunflower Oil Good for the Skin


Makes you want to smile, doesn’t it? Before its European introduction by Spanish explorers, the sunflower, cultivated by the Native Americans as early as 3,000 B.C., had American roots.  The ancients took advantage of the entire flower to make meal, oil, textile dyes and medicine, and even used the stalk for a building material. In […]

Meet Our Newest Family Member

My (foster) name is Enise and I have been adopted.  I’m told that I look like my new brother, that is also a puggle;  except he has a couple added breeds to him.  The story goes that my brother picked his family, simply by going up to their home.  Thankfully his  family saw me on their Facebook […]

At the Intersection of Stop and Go

Do you ever have one of those mornings when everything is going swimmingly until one small detail creates a wave of commotion? All set to be on time for a noon appointment, I realize that my husband isn’t back with my car.  I call to determine his ETA only to learn he is having lunch […]